Top 5 Gaming Mice for Small Hands

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Top 5 Gaming Mice for Small Hands

If you really want to take your gaming to the next level you have to be 100% sure that the hardware you’re using gives you every edge and advantage possible, especially when you’re playing competitive titles that require you to respond and react faster than other players. But it can be difficult to find great gaming mice for small hands.

Gamers with small hands used to find it next to impossible to compete with those that had larger hands, as most gaming mice were available in a one-size-fits-all kind of configuration. Today though it’s possible to get your hands on gaming mice designed for you and your hands – picking up a piece of hardware that fits perfectly, kind of like an extension of your body.

Below we highlight our top 5 gaming mice for small hands to help you wreak havoc on your enemies when you compete online!

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech is one of the top hardware manufacturers for PC components and for good reason – they make high-tech pieces of equipment at affordable price points, and this particular gaming mouse is no exception.

Specifically designed as one of the top 5 gaming mice for small hands, this mouse is incredibly responsive and has customizable “finger triggers” in all the right spaces – 11 of them – so that you can quickly deploy your entire skill set without having to fumble around with your keyboard.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that this is one of the best looking gaming mice on the market today, either. It features a totally customize-able RGB lighting system that you can tinker and toy with for a completely unique look, it works just as well as a wired option as it does wirelessly.

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Mouse

This is another of the top 5 gaming mice for small hands options from the folks at Logitech, featuring an even lower profile and more compact frame for those that want to have total control over every movement of their mouse.

On top of that, the customizable buttons on this particular mouse are intuitive and easy to use – but they also happen to be oversized compared to a lot of the options on other mice designed for gamers with smaller hands. This makes them easier to trip and trigger, which means you have less travel time to worry about – and that’s definitely going to matter when you’re playing competitive games online.

The Logitech software that powers this mouse gives you full control over DPI settings, gives you infinite customization options for MOBA title games and FPS shooters, and isn’t going to bog down your system with processes running in the background.

HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

There aren’t too terribly many compact mice for gamers designed the way that this option is, a bit of a hybrid design between more traditional mice that are made for people with larger hands and professionally tuned gaming mice that offer amazing response times you won’t find anywhere else.

The overall orientation of this mouse is a little bit reversed compared to traditional options as well, and once you get over the hurdle of how different it feels in the hand you’ll find – like so many others – that it’s one of the top 5 gaming mice for small hands because of how ergonomically designed and efficient it is.

Six completely customizable buttons feature prominently on this mouse and you’ll have full control over the DPI adjustments. It also has rock solid construction throughout, real dependability, and a battery life that is tops in the wireless gaming mouse world.

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

This gaming company make some of the best hard-core accessories anywhere on the planet, and this flagship mouse takes full advantage of all the proprietary technology and major advances they have brought to the market.

For starters, the ergonomic design is going to fit your smaller hands like a second skin and like an extension of your body. You’ll find that your hand and fingers naturally rest directly on top of four out of the six controllable buttons on top of the mouse – and that the other five controllable buttons are within a quick finger twitch as well.

Combine all of this with the ridiculously fast response time, the customizable lighting and DPS settings, and the ease-of-use of this particular gaming mouse and you’ll see why it’s one of the top 5 gaming mice for small hands for sure.

Corsair Dark Core Gaming Mouse

Streamlined and designed with efficiency of movement in mind, there may not be a lighter gaming mouse on the market than this particular option.

Corsair is known for producing high quality hardware components for PC gaming, but they take things to entirely new levels with this gaming mouse. Offering almost infinite customization options (including the ability to change DPI settings all the way up to 16,000), the LED lights barely begins to scratch the surface of how you’re able to make this mouse really your own.

Lighting fast, ergonomically designed, and with a rock solid construction that features the kind of legendary durability Corsair products bring to the table, it really doesn’t get whole lot better than this particular option.

Closing Thoughts

Trying to hunt for the perfect gaming mouse is going to become a lot easier when you take advantage of the inside information we have shared with you above.

Each and every one of these top 5 choices are worthy additions to any serious gamer’s hardware set up, and all of them offer the kind of customization options that allow you to dial in their individual settings to really make them your own.

These are the kinds of gaming mice that help you take your skills to the next level. They help to dramatically level the playing field against the competition as well, helping to stack the deck in your favor as much as possible so that you can win more one-on-one engagements and improve your abilities as a gamer along the way.

The odds are pretty good that you’ll find your next gaming mouse for gamers with small hands in the list above!


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