Minecraft Gifts

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Minecraft Gifts

Gifts for Minecraft players will encourage them to play this incredible game and they won’t even realize that they are using learning skills that will take them into adulthood and beyond. This game is fantastic in that it allows children, or adults, to ‘mine’ for the materials that will be necessary in order to thrive in their environment as well as the building blocks that will be required to develop their living spaces or work environments or whatever they choose to design. They will be responsible for building a world that is to exist around them. It is absolutely fascinating the education that they will obtain from this awesome game. It is so hugely popular that Microsoft just bought it out from Mojang, its creator/developer, for upwards of two billion.

Parents will want to buy Minecraft gifts and they may end up joining in the fun of the game. Players are able to participate in each other’s worlds to create worlds, fight off zombies, or just build to their content. They have the capability of building homes, farms, cities, or they can go off and build a pseudo Disneyland. Kids are able to play on iOS, Playstation, Android, Xbox, or on their PC. The game will require that your child use critical thinking skills along with creative problem solving… skills that they will definitely need into their future. So, what types of Minecraft gifts can further promote this type of benefit for the kids? Let’s look at some of our Amazon finds.

Gifts for Minecraft Players

These were some unusual finds that would make excellent Minecraft gifts for those special people in your life.

Boolean Box

This was a kit that was inspired by girls for everyone after having received feedback from hundreds of girls at Boolean camps and classes. The initial idea was to develop the female interest in information technology so as to increase the number of women that there are working within tech-based careers. However, this is available to anyone who is interested in anything to do with computer programming or electronics as well as animation and so much more. It is the only product available where you are capable of building a computer science kit for kids which will include programming computer lessons as well as the electronics, animation along with coding. Plus you don’t need an internet connection. It will work simply with HDMI connection which you can get through the television.

The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia for Minecrafters

This will give you ideas on where to ‘mine’ to find the materials that you need to develop your particular world as well as the blocks that are necessary to create your ‘structure’. There are tips and tricks that you won’t get anywhere else. It will tell you how to get through sticky situations, how to save certain creatures, how to defeat various threats. It’s a great resource not only for a beginner but also for the player who has been around the block. It has hacks for even the most experienced of players. Those who received it revealed that their ‘expert’ player learned a thing or two immediately and that it not only encouraged imagination but promoted reading.

Gameband for Minecraft

It is said that you can plug the Gameband into a USB port with Windows, Mac or Linux computer systems and then launch the Gameband App which will then allow you to have fun playing Minecraft. It saves the worlds that you create as well as backs them up but the great thing is, if you lose it, you can order a new one and have all of your data still intact. This band will come to you with a PixelFurnace App that will allow you to customize with any type of messages, images or animations which you can then share by way of pixelfurnace.com. Gameband will allow you to play Minecraft on any computer and will also back-up the whole Minecraft folder for you.

Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements

This Periodic Table collection offers 27 authentic element blocks some of which are Glowstone, Lava, Water, Air, and Diamond Ore. The blocks are 1” in size and are the right size to use with any of the Minecraft mini-figures. These are key in building new Minecraft worlds. You can use the blocks to make landscapes or in order to make the official Minecraft Periodic Table. The kids who received these have had them for years and find all sorts of uses for them in their Minecraft worlds. They play with them for hours on end.

ThinkFun Laser Maze

It appears to be magic for the kids with the lights and mirrors but it’s actually a matter of merely science and a powerful dose of brain power that is required in order to direct the laser beam to go through a series of challenging mazes. This game has won ‘Good Housekeeping Best Toys’ award. This is a great game for kids who love a challenge. It is one of the products developed to initiate critical thinking, logical reasoning as well as spatial reasoning along with planning skills. Fans of this game even included young adults who actually had to be told to ‘put it away’ during class.

Endless Fun

There are a plethora of gifts for Minecraft players available on Amazon. Many of them are so unique and inventive that some of us want to become Minecraft players ourselves. This sounds like the most interesting, intelligent game ever. It would in no way be difficult to find a wonderful gift for Minecraft players that will add to the benefit that this game already provides with its educational properties. Every parent should introduce their child to Minecraft. It would be a significant enhancement for their future.

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