League of Legends Gifts – For LoL Players

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League of Legends Gifts – For LoL Players

For more than half a decade, League of Legends has been the most popular video game on the planet. This massive multiplayer battle arena game pits millions of players against one another in a frantic online melee. Even if you don’t play the game yourself, the odds are very good that you know someone who does. To that end, take full advantage of this guide to gifts for League of Legends players.

Published by Riot Games, League of Legends utilizes what is known as a freemium model. This means the game is free to play, but there are opportunities for microtransactions. Players can optionally purchase skins, weapons, and other content. Much of the content in the game can be purchased with in-game currency, which one earns by simply playing the game. Offering a simple combat system, combined with a deep array of races and characters, League of Legends is already a classic of its genre.

With this list of the best gifts for League of Legends players, you can easily find a gift your LoL fanatic is certain to love.

League of Legends Riot Points

When it comes to gifts for LoL fans, this is as straightforward as it gets. The best thing about this gift in particular? It appeals to newcomers and veteran players alike. These gift cards can be purchased in increments upwards of $100.

With one of these League of Legends gift cards, you are purchasing what are known as Riot Points. That would be the in-game currency we were talking about earlier. Riot Points can be used to purchase such desirable perks as Champions, skins, emotes, or even Clash tickets. If you don’t know what to get your LoL player, this is the perfect gift.

League of Legends Tibbers Annie Bear Plush Doll Soft Stuffed Figure

Measuring 12.1 x 9.1 x 3.4 inches, this adorable plush figure is a perfect example of League of Legends gifts. Tibbers refer to a race that are best described as shadow bears. If you ask any LoL about this race, they will tell you Tibbers are among the most popular creates in this universe. The character has been realized in a variety of different styles and mediums. Some designs emphasize a terrifying degree of power and savagery. Other designs are more along the lines of this unique, adorable plush bear.

To be sure, this is a nice gift for the younger players. Still, there is an appeal behind this bear that can makes it an ideal example of gifts for League of Legends fans of all ages. For example, imagine the look on someone’s face, when you combine this bear with a gift card for Riot Points.

Eat Sleep League Repeat T-Shirt Challenger Shirt

There are tons of cool, funny, and decidedly clever League of Legends t-shirts on the market. Available in styles for men, women, and children, this t-shirt also comes in a range of attractive colors. The best fandom t-shirts tend to involve examples that have a decided sense of humor about the dedication of the fan. You can certainly keep that in mind with this unique, hilarious shirt.

A great thing about this shirt is that it’s another gift for any age of fan. Anyone who truly loves League of Legends will love what this shirt conveys. It is a simple, lighthearted note on their dedication to excellence.

Another thing we love about this shirt? It’s understated. LoL fans can wear a shirt like this just about anywhere.

CosplayLife League of Legends Pajama Guardian Cosplay Onesie

This is definitely a good example of a League of Legends gift for the truly devoted. This adorable onesie is made from excellent, durable materials. It can be washed easily by hand, and it also comes in both small and large sizes. This onesie is designed to be soft and comfortable enough to be worn at home, at an LoL party, or even at an anime or gaming convention.

Onesies have become hugely popular in recent years. Their popularity has risen to the point where you can find people wearing these comfortable outfits in a variety of public settings. If you haven’t heard of onesies before, trust us when we tell you that if you have a hardcore Lux fan in your life, this onesie is going to take their breath away. It is actually a design based on a specific skin that has become one of the most popular skins in League of Legends. Just make sure you know the measurements of whomever you’re buying the onesie for!

League of Legends 3D Poster Wall Art Decor Framed Print

Posters are almost always a great idea for those dedicated to one fandom or another. League of Legends fans certainly have their range of choices. This incredible 3D poster, measuring 14.5 x 18.5, is our favorite to be found anywhere. It was easy to find a place for this poster on this list of gifts for League of Legends fans.

The 3D artwork is some of the best we’ve ever seen. Even people who have never played LoL in their lives are going to be impressed. Not only in terms of the visual punch of the piece, but in terms of the absolutely riveting attention to detail that can be found here. More importantly than that, your League of Legends player will love the way this poster sums up everything they love about the game.

Shopping For The Best League of Legends Gifts

From posters, to t-shirts, to in-game currency, there are some great gifts for League of Legends players available to you. If you really don’t know the best direction to go in, opt for Riot Points gift card. We can promise you that if your LoL player is a serious fan, they will love the chance to score some great in-game perks. The quality of products available with Riot Points is considered to be one of the best aspects of the game.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, any of these gifts will be a winner.

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