iOS Gaming Gifts

The Best Gifts for All Kinds of Gamers

iOS Gaming Gifts

iOS Gaming Gifts are becoming as trendy as any of the big-time console gifts within the gaming industry. Folks are on their phones from the time they wake up in the morning until they go to bed. It has become our new form of entertainment not just for texting and talking but more and more so for the games that are offered through the app stores. They have become so popular they are now making accessories that are made to coincide with the various themes for the gaming apps that are available to play. We can virtually turn our phones into a handheld gaming device along with a multitude of other things we can do with it to make it whatever we imagine it to be thanks to the addition of these cool tools that we hook onto it.

Receiving a gift that is relevant to the phone is the perfect sentiment for a man, woman, or child and it’s appropriate for any and all occasions. There are so many iOS Gaming Gifts on the market and such unusual and unique finds it should be easy to get something that the person in your life won’t already have. The nice thing is if they do happen to have It, you can help them find something new and you’ll have use for the item they’re not in need of. Let’s check out some cool iOS Gaming Gifts on Amazon and see what we can find.

iOS & iPhone Gaming Gifts

Fiveeyes Gaming Controller Clamp Holder compatible with iOS

This controller has a bracket system attached which will hold your 4-6” phone securely and safely while you play games using the controller portion. The battery is rechargeable which takes approximately two hours to fully charge up but offers you up to 12 hours of playing time. This is a very simplistic, user-friendly piece requiring no cloud adaptation. It will connect directly through Bluetooth to your device, convenient.

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Fludigi Stinger Controller

This is being touted as the world’s very first Capair Mapping trigger for the mobile game for both the PUBG as well as Fortnite. This will support auto mode which most mobile game pads will not. That means it offers a much faster method for shooting using not only Capair technique of mapping but also the impulses given by the built-in lithium activity which will stimulate a touchscreen fire which is automatic at upwards of 8 times every second. This sounds like a blast to play this. These would make awesome iOS (IPhone) Gaming Gifts.

Dierya Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60%

You can actually use up to three of your Bluetooth devices at the same time with this keyboard and simply switch back and forth between them. There are 7 different color combinations as well as 7 RGB lighting effects that put on different shows for you as you play such as the wave effect, the ripple effect, etc. There is never a need for you to have to change the battery. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that charges through a USB cable which is included with the keyboard. Kids will especially get a kick out of playing games with the keyboard playing a rainbow light show for them. This would be a big thrill for them as a gift.

Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges

This is a type of Star Wars virtual reality game that includes three ‘battles’; ‘Light saber Battles’, ‘Holochess’, and ‘Strategic Combat.’ With the kit you receive what you need to go along with the app in order to start the realistic journey. It is possible to join with other players if they also have the kit. If you want to give someone IOS (IPhone) Gaming Gifts that sends them directly into the game itself, this is the ideal present. There is nothing like virtual reality.

Go-Tcha Ranger for Pokémon Go

This is kind of a must have for the iPhone Pokémon Go player. It will give the player animated on-screen alerts as well as vibrate with feedback whenever a Pokémon or a Pokestop are near or if any have been caught and anything has been collected. The Go-Tcha has the capability of catching Pokémon and it also has the ability to collect the Pokestop things for you as well. The Go-Tcha has settings that allow you the opportunity to select items that you want to auto catch. This game is exploding with kids and adults everywhere with their iPhones. This would be the ultimate gift to give someone who is a diehard fan or even someone just starting out in the game.

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Calls, Texts, and Serious Gaming

There is no better present than iOS (iPhone) Gaming Gifts. People transport their phone with them everywhere they go and when they’re in need of killing some time, they opt to play games. Most games that are available anymore are interactive. These are the ones that folks enjoy the most and keep people’s attention. In order to play these games, you need to have the addition of the various attachments that can make your phone into a whole other piece of equipment from like a fully fledged gaming console.

Now that the world has gone so techy, creativity has exploded and virtually anything is possible. You don’t need a big gaming console or to stay home if you want to play games. Every thing is right at your fingertips. You just need your Smartphone and a couple gadgets. Play on.


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