Gifts for WoW (World of Warcraft) Players

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Gifts for WoW (World of Warcraft) Players

When you give Gifts for WoW Players you are giving them presents from a legend. This game has been going strong for over fifteen years and is boasted as being the most popular of the massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMO). There have been spin-off card games, films, books, not to mention all of the expansions that have been done over the years. We’ve had Burning Crusade (2007), Wrath of Lion King (2008), Cataclysm (2010), Mists of Pandaria (2012), Warlords of Draenor (2014), Legion (2016), and Battle of Azeroth (2018). Blizzard is constantly trying to keep the game fresh and interesting for its faithful players in order to make the game something they can truly immerse themselves into.

WoW is offered to its players via a paid monthly subscription which does not seem to slow anyone down from joining in. Because of the age of the game, it would stand to reason that a portion of the fans are definitely adult followers meaning it should be an interesting shopping experience looking for unique Gifts for WoW Players that will be useful and creative from an adult standpoint. A lot of times with this audience there are collectibles or limited edition items that they tend to hold onto for value. Generally, Amazon can help us out in the gift-giving aspect. Let’s check what they may have available for our retro game players.

Alliance & Horde Wax Seal Stamp Kit

An amazingly fantastic set. Being able to put this wax seal on letters or packages or any document that you choose is fascinating. It’s well suited to a game of this age. The folks who received this as a gift were so thrilled by the quality and the seal impression that the stamp left. It’s a very sophisticated, well made set for such an inexpensive price. A lot of adults will appreciate this but there are teens who would probably get benefit from this set as well. This is truly a unique find and definitely worthy of a double thumbs up as good Gifts for WoW Players.

Limited Edition WoW – Set of Four

These are Gifts for WoW Players that can go either way as either a collector’s item that you stow away to collect value over time because they are a limited edition or you use them. Obviously if you buy them for kids, they’re going to be used. Adults may want to hold off and save them. They are very large and made of extremely durable plastic. The details of the artwork on the cups are phenomenal and the quality is terrific. Those who received these found there to be an almost metallic sheen to them and found that to be an added bonus. They are definitely worth the money that you pay for them and if you hold onto them, their value may increase significantly over the years.

WoW Handmade Vinyl Clock

This clock is approximately 12” in diameter and is made so that it runs quietly. There are no ticking sounds so if it’s in your bedroom or your child’s room, there will be no disturbance. There are two reasons this has collectability. The clocks are made from vintage vinyl records from back in the day. Also, there’s the whole WoW factor. These are incredibly cool. Even though they are upcycled from vintage records, they are brand new clocks and go through testing to ensure proper functionality prior to being shipped. More Gifts for WoW Players that are incredibly unusual.

WoW Lion Sword Letter Opener with Stand 9” Piece — $22.99.

Incredible detail on this letter opener and a truly beautiful piece. This is something someone who is not even a WoW player would buy for the sheer magnificence of it. You just don’t find pieces of this quality made anymore short of going to an antique shop. This would definitely be for an adult use at home or even in the office. Those who received it couldn’t say enough about the quality and the size is larger than what you would anticipate. A definite must have.

Steel Series WoW Legendary MMO Gaming Mouse

This is for the serious WoW gamer. It offers 11 buttons to program with more than 130 game commands preset or else you have the option to make your own macros custom. The software will allow you to do whatever you need to do in order to make the mouse suit your particular playing style. It is simplistic to configure using WoW interface. There are almost 17 million various options of color and pulsation that goes from low up to high and off. Everyone who was given this said that it was the best one they had used to this point. This is not one of the rarest or most unique items on our list for gift giving, but among the kids , and probably adults, it’s most likely the one they’ll like the very best if they’re diehard gamers. This puts them in the game; keeps them in the game; and makes the game convenient, easy and fun for them. You can’t go wrong with a present like that.

For the Alliance! For the Horde!

There have been some major finds on Amazon for WoW Players. A lot of really very unique, rare, creative Gifts for WoW Players that will surely thrill some of the adult gamers and maybe even a few of the teenagers in your life. Being a ‘vintage’ era game, it’s fitting that a few of the items we found were rather retro in nature. This will definitely go over the teenagers head, but it would be a cool conversation to have with them and a little history lesson. We get so little time with our families in this hectic world, any chance to bond is time well spent.

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