Gifts for Street Fighter Players

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Gifts for Street Fighter Players

Gifts for Street Fighter players? What do you get someone who obsesses over something and probably has everything? Created by Capcom in 1987, the Street Fighter video game series is now celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary. This game single-handedly revolutionized an entire genre. The original game only received rather lukewarm reviews. However, the sequel blasted onto the scene and elevated the world’s video game industry entirely. Then, the series continues to raise the standards for games in the fighting genre. The 1991 sequel was just the beginning of a line of 15 more sequels in addition to prequels, spin-offs, a slew of merchandise. There’s even a big-screen movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme in the lead. The latest version, Street Fighter V, is bringing a whole new generation into the series’s unique fighting experience. Players and fans vote Street Fighter as the ‘Best Fighting Game’ within various gaming circles.

Street Fighter has always had such a unique gaming platform with its trademark six-button layout and CPS engines. It takes time to develop a pattern, master the sequences, fine-tune the handling of the system in order to play the game. It isn’t something that you can just jump on and play. The great thing about it is, even if you get the hang of one character, you have several more to give you a run for your money. There is always a challenge waiting for you. The excitement and thrill of the game never stops. This is why the players are so passionate about the game. It’s a new game each time you play.

Gifts for Street Fighter Players

Those who grew up with it in the 90’s at the arcades are now part of a gaming community. Some are even professional esport players, like Daigo Umehara, Justing Wong, and Tokido. It’s not just a game or a hobby for them, it’s part of who they are. So, what gifts for Street Fighter players would be considered unique? Let’s look. Looking on Amazon, they have some great gifts for Street Fighter players in your life, and they were not your typical t-shirt or baseball hats but rather some cool and unusual finds.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set

This is a beautiful collector’s set that you can either save in the packaging or open and enjoy. The pieces are silver and pewter in color. They are resin pieces beautifully sculpted into the characters likeness. Both players have unique characters which make up all of the traditional chess pieces.The pieces range in size from 1.75” up to 3.25” tall and the board is 18” X 18” large. The board is made of a smoked and sandblasted-type glass material. The game comes with an official certificate of authenticity. Folks who received it as a gift just marvel at how gorgeous it is.

Monopoly Street Fighter Collector’s Edition

This Monopoly edition focuses on Street Fighter spanning twenty five years of the series. The game board features the iconic fighting arenas from the popular video game. This game denotes the houses and hotels instead by training rooms and dojos. The fans of the game were able to have a voting poll in order to select the characters that would be used for the tokens in the game and the ones that were chosen include: Vega’s mask, Blanka, Chun-Li’s wrist cuff, M. Bison, a Hadoken, and Ryu. Again, folks are so happy with this gift, they are keeping it as a collection piece and not opening it. It is really a great piece to open up and enjoy playing all of the cool Street Fighter locations with your favorite characters. Why save it?

Arcade 1Up Street Fighter Classic 3-1 Home Arcade System

This game system is reminiscent of the days at the arcade without having to use coins for those retro junkies who miss the thrill of the old joystick. There are three games with the system including Street Fighter Champ Edition, Street Fighter The New Challenge, and Street Fighter Turbo. This is a real arcade cabinet with real arcade game play. But unlike the arcade, this one is free forever. Play this and show the kids what arcade gaming was like back in the day. Who is your family’s Street Fighter Champion?

Street Fighter Wooden Clock

This clock is made 100% of Eco wood. It is 12” in diameter. It also silent in the sense that it doesn’t make any ticking sound. This makes it ideal for bedrooms or other quiet places, letting you relax and sleep peacefully. During construction, it is tested thoroughly to ensure good working order before being packaged and shipped. It is simply a beautiful clock that you can actually put in any room of your home that you would like to.

Lawrence Painting Street Fighter V Art Canvas Poster Print

This is a canvas art piece that measures in at 24 x 36 but they will customize the size for you to whatever you need it to be. It is actually a really pretty piece of art. It designates that it is for the living room but, of course, you can put it in any room that you would like to have it.


Street Fighter is a game that has a lot of followers. A good portion of them are adults who even do this in a professional capacity for the esport arena. It’s come a long way from the kids running to the arcade to see who could beat the high scores. With the sophistication of the game and the widespread appreciation for it, family and friends are finding themselves in a position where they can buy special gifts for Street Fighter players in their lives.

It’s always a good time when you can search for the ultra rare treasure for a person who has a special hobby or interest. Shopping for gifts for Street Fighter players is the ultimate experience because you get to share their joy by watching their face as they excitedly open their prize. How fun is that?


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