Gifts for Pokemon Go Players

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Gifts for Pokemon Go Players

Why are Pokemon Go gifts a hot topic? Pokemon Go is into celebrating its third anniversary and it is still going strong in 2019. It boasted as among the most successful mobile games ever. It broke many records including the most downloaded game during its first month, out as well as the one game to reach 100 million faster than any other games on the market. The reality app which is available to iOS as well as Android devices counts upwards of 150 million players denoting it as among the most popular apps available today. Why is the play so intense and the players so loyal?

The great thing about this game is that it encourages the players to go out to play. They’re not couped up at home, sitting by the television. This is awesome for adults who may otherwise be isolated to their houses. It’s also great for kids whose previous gaming experiences were limited to playing consoles indoors. Also, Pokemon Go sends players to cool places with a purpose. Once they get to these facilities, they have reason to enter these buildings and take part in what is happening within their doors, e.g. museums, historical buildings, landmarks, and these places are benefiting from the influx of these visitors.

If that’s not enough of a reason for their thirst to play, there is also the social aspect. Folks are finding long-term friendships through the Pokemon Go community. The forums, chat groups, and the cons take on deeper meaning than simply the game. These people develop stronger bonds with each other because of the game. So, what are gifts for Pokemon Go players that we, as family and friends can give to make their game experience even more exciting? Let’s take a look.

Pokemon Go Gifts

There are so many options for gifts for Pokemon Go players available on Amazon to choose from. Giving to an adult, you want to make sure it is something that they will be thrilled by but can also use with their game and in everyday life. For kids you want them to get the very most of the game as they possibly can. If you’re a non-gamer yourself trying to pick gifts for Pokemon Go players can be a little bit trial and error. You can only hope being the die-hard fans that they are that you are presenting them with something rare and unique to them.

Grab A Smile Pokemon Team Canvas Crossbody Bag

This is a type of messenger or satchel version of bag that could be useful for your tablet or other small device. It is almost military sort of grade in material and made durable for longer walks. This makes it perfect for the serious Pokemon player as they can walk for hours. It offers a divider insider as well as a front pocket. You could probably carry drinks, writing tablets, pencils or pens. It’s a nice bag also available for Team Mystic or Team Instinct.

Pokemon Original Starters Retro Sunglasses

These are retro chic and would look awesome when the players are out on the hunt. Probably more for a female trainer, but you can most likely wear them with any type of outfit. Great for when you’re going to a con or simply for play.

Ash Ketchum Fingerless Gloves – Pokemon Trainer Costume

These are green with the yellow cuff just as they appear on the show. You don’t have to wear them for the costume. They also are perfect if you’re trying to keep warm on a cold day when playing the game and when punching the keys on your phone.

Case for Go-Tcha Pokemon Go-Tcha Keychain

This Pokemon Go-Tcha connects your Go-Tcha to your key or your bag. The case won’t block your screen. It is the perfect solution for players to carry their Go-Tcha. A whole lot better than the bracelets is the consensus among the folks who have it. Comes in five different colors too.

Eevee Evolution Blocks Lanyard

The materials on this lanyard are said to be very strong and elastic which keeps the piece from snagging or ripping during wear. It’s very long and stretchy which makes it perfect for usability. The Pokemon are depicted in superior detail and have been placed on the lanyard in the correct order too. The clip is extremely secure, and the risk of losing the items that you place with it are minimal.

Gotta Catch ’em All

Buying gifts for Pokemon Go players may mean looking for something for an adult player. It seems as though there are just as many, if not more adults playing Pokemon Go as there are children. In some ways it may be a simple solution to parents bonding with their kids which has been a difficult thing for them to do. Especially with there being a lack of time to spend together in this day and age. It could also be a matter of nostalgia for some who played the original version back in the day and want to continue on with the new hotness. There could just be a need to break away from the stresses and pressure of everyday life and enjoy the ‘other world’ that Pokemon takes you to along with the new relationships your form while your off chasing the creatures.

No matter what the reason is for their love of the game, looking for gifts for Pokemon Go Players is so much fun that it almost makes you want to look into how to go about playing the game yourself and maybe try to join in with them. Buying these gifts may bring on some Pokemon Go fever. Then rather than buying gifts for Pokemon Go players, you’ll be the one receiving them. Personally, that lanyard with the characters is way cool but the chic sunglasses might really do the trick. Play on Pokemon fans.

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