Gamer Wedding Gifts

The Best Gifts for All Kinds of Gamers

Gamer Wedding Gifts

Weddings are wonderful, everyone loves them, there is so much excitement surrounding the big day. However, one of the most frustrating aspects is making sure that you get the right present. Finding a gift for two people getting married is difficult enough; however, when the couple are gamers, the difficulty scale goes up a couple of notches. What you will find is that most people getting married will provide a list of the presents that they want (it’s usually a list of the things they will need for their new home). In fear of being seen as a bit weird, a gaming couple isn’t going to put their gaming fantasy gift ideas on the list, they will probably stick to the more traditional stuff like pots and pans. If you want to be the favorite guests at the party, we have come up with a list of some great gamer wedding gifts you can purchase for your friends, family members or loved ones for that special day.

Gamer Couple Mugs

These are two cute mugs with a nice message written on the front. They will arrive in a nice gift box so there’s no need to worry about how you are going to present them. The mugs are made from the best quality ceramic, so they are extremely durable and sturdy. They are also microwave and dishwasher friendly. There are quite a few different sets available, they won’t break the bank either, costing between $10 and $20, you are sure to find a nice mug set that’s not only in your budget, but also of great quality. These mugs are a great gamer wedding gift idea.

Video Gamer Shirts

There is nothing sweeter than a couple wearing the same clothes! There are loads available with some really cheeky messages emblazoned across the front or the back of them. These shirts come in a variety of colors such as white, black, blue, gray and red, you are going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to these shirts. They are priced between anywhere between $10 and $40, so you’ve got plenty to choose from and they are also at a decent price. Whoever you are buying these gamer wedding gifts for will really appreciate them!

His and Hers Watch

Never be late again with matching watches, ditch the excuses, they’ve both got watches now and can’t say they didn’t realize what the time was. There are a few brands on Amazon that make his and hers watches, but none of them will cost you more than $100. They are really nice to look at with unique designs and adjustable straps. They also come in a gift box, so you won’t need to worry too much about wrapping them up.

Gamer Couple Pillow Cases

With a wide variety to choose from, these gamer pillow cases are fun and exciting. Suitable for the bed, home, office or living room, these double-sided pillowcases will have your newly-wedded loved ones in marital bliss! They can lean on them when they are playing, or use them as a prop up when watching a movie. Whatever they choose to use them for, they will be well loved. These lovely designed pillow cases are priced very reasonably.

Gaming Clock

They can both keep an eye on how long they’re gaming with this wall clock. It’s a white aluminium clock with black hands and various game characters designed into it. It’s an analog clock so if you are looking for something digital this isn’t for you. Priced reasonably around $25 to $50, your newlywed loved ones will be exceptionally pleased with gamer wedding gifts like this.

Video Games

This one sounds like a no brainer doesn’t it! One of the many joys about video games is that people can play them together. This is typically something that friends do, with some games being appealing for this reason only. However, there is also a large market for people who want to play games with their partners. And these couples are also looking for a certain type of game; therefore, there are actually a bunch of games that you can purchase that are specifically for couples only. You might want to check out the following gamer wedding gifts video ideas:

Stardew Valley

This game is great for couples. It’s also available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This is a multiple player game, so if your gamer couple friends have got other gamer couple friends they can all play together. There are loads of activities on the game including mining, fishing, bonding with townsfolk and much more.

A Way Out

This is a game available on the Xbox One and PS4. This is a unique game and offers couples a different way of working together as a team. The game involves players assisting Vincent or Leo to break out of prison. There is no single player mode on this game as it has been specifically designed for two people to play together. If your couple friends are bold and adventurous, this game will definitely suite them.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is a game available on most modern consoles. This is a great game, with a wide variety of characters and different levels. It’s a multiplayer game, but one of the most unique features of the game is that both players go through the levels together. Looking at it on the surface this sounds like it could get pretty annoying, but its actually really helpful when things start getting difficult. Basically, when one player is weak, the other is strong so players can help each other out when things start getting difficult. It also makes things easier when there are timed challenges. This is a very popular game, and we are sure your gaming couple friends will love it.


Now that you have an idea what you could get them, it’s time to go shopping. You might not even get anything from this list, maybe they have triggered the creative side in you and your eyes might get drawn to something else. Whatever the case may be, we hope you have a great time shopping for gamer wedding gifts, but even most importantly, that the gamer couple likes their gamer wedding gifts.

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