Best Esports Headsets for Gaming

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Best Esports Headsets for Gaming

Getting to know which gaming headsets are the best for esports isn’t an easy task. In fact, there are so many different brands and models out there. You may find that there is just too much choice as you struggle to sift through the information.
In order to fully understand what classifies a headset in gaming as “the best,” we must first look at different requirements. Some would be okay spending $300 on a headset while others may want something in a more affordable price range. Perhaps you want a USB headset? Maybe one with a braided cable? Does it have a built-in mic or not? Open ear? Closed ear? Noise cancelling?

These are all common queries when gamers are looking for the next best headset. So, we’ve taken a list of some of the best ones. Each have a bunch of different features and come at different price points. You certainly can find the right one that fits your needs.

Astro Gaming A50

Astro Gaming is one of those brands that only recently started doing really well in the esports and gaming market, despite the company being founded in 2006. As far as headphones are concerned, Astro likes to maintain affordability while still offering players what they need. You’ll find that the ranges compared to other top brands are generally cheaper, there’s something for everyone as far as Astro Gaming goes.

The reason we’ve highlighted the A50 and it makes our list for best esports headset is because of how comfortable they are. We’ll often rate comfort about a lot of other aspects purely because of the amount of time you spend gaming. We know that esports headsets need to be comfortable because you spend hours upon hours playing games.

Not only is the A50 comfortable, but it offers full 7.1 Dolby surround sound and it’s wireless too. If you happen to be more of a casual gamer but still enjoy pumping up your hours, the A50 works on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One too.

Sennheiser GAME ONE

As far as sound quality goes, not many brands out there can compare with Sennheiser. It’s a premium audiophile brand that has dipped its toes into the gaming market. It’s understandable then why Sennheiser carries the price tag and if you can afford to part with the money, you’re very seldom disappointed.

Again, comfort reigns supreme with the GAME ONE. The velvet ear pads go a long way to making life comfortable and will go all the way around your ears too. It’s lightweight and offers fantastic sound clarity. Another reason we rate the GAME ONE so highly is because the microphone that it comes with on the stalk. It is actually really high quality too. It is noise cancelling and if you use any kind of VOIP, your friends will tell you that you sound crystal clear.

Astro Gaming A20

Another wireless entry into the market is Astro’s A20. These are for the gamers that want the quality of a high-class headphone without having to break the bank. Obviously, you don’t want to throw away $20 on something cheap either.

The A20 has solid stereo sound and boasts quite the battery life too. You’ll find that you don’t actually miss out on too much when compared with some of the other top brands. It also works across different consoles too. If you don’t need surround sound in your life, you could be really happy with these.

Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition

The H7 esports headset is a fantastic addition to the lineup. These are well-priced for what you get. Even though they are wired, you’ll find that they are really comfortable. They also give you some really clear and accurate sounds. Creative is a name often associated with high-quality audio products. So it’s no surprise as to why they would be a great choice for an esports headset.
Not only do they look the part, they have 50mm drivers, a sleek look and an on-the-go audio adjustment setting in X-Plus mode. They also tick the “lightweight” and “comfortable” boxes too. With these, you’ll be able to keep gaming for a while.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

Getting back into the realms of 7.1-channel surround sound, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is next. It is also a favorite among professional esports players. When it comes to esports headsets, comfort is important. However, having the most accurate sound possible is equally as important too. Thankfully, the HyperX checks both of those boxes.

It’s a little more expensive than some others, but still not in the range of “ultra-premium” esports headsets that you may find for $300 and up. Kingston hasn’t been in the market of professional esports headsets for a long time, but in the short stint they’ve been there, they have made waves among the top dogs.

You’ll get an extra long cable that plugs in with a 3.5mm jack, 50mm drivers, some fantastically comfortable cans. Additionally, should you want it, a detachable microphone too.

Logitech G Pro Gaming

Logitech’s G-series launch into the esports gaming scene has been a worthwhile one. They’ve been able to push out some fantastic headsets, mice and keyboards of late. These wired headphones have a form of passive noise isolation which is something you can really feel.

The G Pro Gaming headset has such a low price point, working across PC and consoles, it almost seems like you’re waiting for the bad news. In truth, there isn’t really much. The headset provides great quality and gives top quality value for money.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

We felt that the Elite Atlas was a good addition to this list because of what they offered. They come in a little bit over the Logitech cans but offer very similar pros. They run on 50mm drivers, have a 3.5mm jack, and are fully wired. If you wear glasses, they even have a Glasses-relief system. This allows gamers who wear glasses to play in comfort, with the easily adjustable earcups.

Comfort, durability, well-priced, with a top-quality microphone, the Elite Atlas is one that should sit at the top of your esports headset list.

Corsair HS50

Pushing the price even further down comes Corsair. Another manufacturer who has been edging closer to the esports territory, the HS50 is a cheap option. You’re not going to get the same sound quality here as you would for one of the premium brands though. However, you’ll still be much better off than if you just bought something random for the same price.

This is purely a budget headset aimed at turning people into gamers, and gamers into professionals. The stereo sound quality is great from both the mic and headphones. In fact, it even rivals some of the better esports headsets listed here today. If you don’t need the 7.1 surround sound or Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you’d be better to opt for something in the budget range.

Razer Nari Ultimate

Razer has been well known to place priority on its esports products and people all over the world know them. Their esports headsets are also rated as some of the higher quality ones. The Nari Ultimate is our pick for this list. They come in at a reasonable price and give you a lot of connectivity. This is because Razer has had time to perfect its software that comes with it.

It has THX spatial audio that breaks down the traditional 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound barriers to work with Razer Synapse. This gives you real 360-degree audio – something that’s ideal for esports. It also has haptic technology on the headset too. Haptic technology is a neat gimmick, but it’s something that pushes the price up and isn’t necessarily for everyone.

The mic is retractable, the cushions are comfortable, and you know that you’re getting a quality Razer product. The only thing you need to decide on is whether you can justify the price for what you’re using them for.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

The final esports gaming headset on our list is one that comes in at the most expensive. The SteelSeries Arctic Pro. It’s definitely not an unjustified price, but when you look around at the competition, you’ll wonder where that money goes. Simply put, the money goes on the included DAC that comes with it. SteelSeries has popped a digital to audio converter inside the headset itself to provide immersive surround sound when gaming. Well, amazing clarity when doing anything really.

This headset is often considered the “Cadillac” of headphones right now in the gaming sphere. That’s because these are considered audiophile-grade headphones. The audio quality here just like you would get if you looked for professional headsets without a microphone.

Sounds good…

It’s clear that there are a ton of choices when finding an awesome esports gaming headset. Some players prefer wireless, while others prefer wired. Whether you’re looking for a budget oriented option, or best of the best, we are sure that you have found something great in this list. Really, you can’t go wrong with any of these awesome headsets for gaming.

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