Android Gaming Earbuds: 5 Best Picks

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Android Gaming Earbuds: 5 Best Picks

Mobile gaming is not a new concept anymore, and everyone seems to be getting in on the trend today. The growth of this form of gaming is helped more by the fact that big titles are being added to the mobile platform – and the robust Android OS seems to be enjoying a lot of these titles. However, the gaming experience is incomplete without a great set of earbuds to complement all the action. How else would you feel immersed in all the action happening all around you without them? Let’s look at some awesome picks that will transform your mobile gaming experience today.

Klim Fusion Earbuds

For the lovers of aesthetics, you will not be disappointed by what these Klim Fusion Earbuds bring on board. The design on the exterior is no doubt amazing. That cool look is paired with five different color options you can choose from. Besides aesthetics, comfort is also a big factor in the design of these earbuds. Featuring memory foam technology, the earbuds remember the shape and form of your ears from the first use. These android gaming earbuds stay comfortable during subsequent uses.

That is not all there is to these units though. The earbuds are especially great when it comes to the quality of their sound. While it may not provide the extra bass you’d gett with top-of-the-line headphones, the quality is such that you never have to worry about muffled sounds or cackles. Mobile gamers who are usually on the move will especially love the durability of this unit. The earbuds are so durable, even KLIM offers a stunning 5-year warranty on them! For a product that sells for such a reasonable price, it is almost a steal for everything it provides.

SOMIC Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds (G618 Pro)

The name of this unit has already given away that it is a wireless set of Android gaming earbuds. On first look at the SOMIC Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds, might make you question the need for wireless earbuds. The earbuds need no wires to connect to your device. Instead, both earbuds individually have a wired connection to one another. That’s where the wired aspect ends. These earbuds are as lightweight as they come too, making it easier to carry around anywhere on your daily commute.

Using a Bluetooth connection really makes things less clumsy. It givesyou a wider range of motion and movements with your phone than being restricted by a wire Furthermore, there is a flexible ear hook to support the ear buds which already have a snug fit in different ear types. Of course, one of the biggest setbacks in Bluetooth earbuds is their average use time. Fortunately, the SOMIC Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds allow for 8 hours of use after every full charge. That should be more than enough to get even the most hard core gamers through multiple sessions. Lest we forget, a detachable mic is in place for a better gaming experience. As a backup, an in-line mic is also hidden inside the earbuds when the detachable unit is not available.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds (with Mic)

Although developed to work with Nintendo Switch platforms, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds have also been optimized Android units. Such cross compatibility is what makes us a fan in the first place. These earbuds sure port the same audio quality settings it has for the Nintendo console to your Android experience. For gamers who love to take their game outside, the table-free rubberized cable is as sturdy as they come. Every set also comes with a handy carrying case. This case not only aids in secure storage, but also protects the earbuds when transporting them from one place to another without the fear of damage.

If you happen to be a lover of Fortnite or other games with voice chat support, you will find the included microphone particularly useful. While we would have loved to see a detachable mic here, the earbuds are restricted to only in-line mics. Those are great too, but they might not provide the same feel with external mic units. That should not be too much of a game changer, though. Given the enhanced bass function and crystal-clear sound pitches generated and relayed by the audio drivers in this earbud, you will soon forget that there is no external mic for use.

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbuds

You do not have to break the bank before getting quality sound from Sony. And that is what the MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbuds proves. When it comes to style, Sony does know how to make things happen. Choose this pick from black, blue and red. It needs no telling that Sony engineers will spare no expense in making this unit the best it can be. That is evident in the use of specially-designed drivers with high-energy magnets. These magnets convey powerful bass sounds with a deeper delivery than most other earbuds on the market.

The fairy-tale experience is continued with a tightly-sealed acoustic design which aids a high level of sound isolation. In other words, the earbud cancels out sounds at the highest level. In game, this keeps you away from ambient noise while immersing you in audio wonderland. As if that is not enough, Sony adds a neat Smart Key app feature to allow Android users to gain additional control of their phone when using the earbuds. With a comfortable case and tangle-free wires to match, these earbuds are just as great for games as they are for everyday normal use.

Betron YSM1000 High Definition Earbuds

One look at the Betron YSM1000 High Definition Earbuds will inform your mind that this is not just another set of earbuds. These are serious earbuds that will give you some of the highest quality sounds ever. The earbuds promise to unlock deepest details in any soundtrack you throw at it. Hear things you’ve never heard before to enhance your gaming experience. Under the hood is a 9.2mm neodymium driver which not only balances the sound output, but scales it up to be as powerful as can be. That is only improved by the frequency levels (as high as 20KHz) which will tune in and pick up any kind of sound.

It takes this experience a notch further by offering a powerful, built-in microphone which makes taking calls mid-game a breeze. Likewise, the in-game mic is powerful enough to pick up your conversations for games supporting voice chat. Finished off with memory foam in the ear-bound region, a blend of comfort and durability is in the air.

And the beats go on…

Whether you are going for the wired, wireless, detachable microphones or in-line options, or any other combination, you’ll surely find something great here. Offering a blend of rich audio quality with a taste of crispness and affordability to match, you cannot go wrong with any of these picks to better your Android gaming experience.

If you really want to level-up your gaming experience, consider moving to a full blown Android gaming tablet. Check our our article about the Best Android Gaming Tablets of 2019. Or maybe even an Android Gaming Controller for pixel perfect game play.


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