10 Awesome Tetris Gifts for Tetris Fans

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10 Awesome Tetris Gifts for Tetris Fans

A video game originally released in 1984, Tetris has left its vivid mark throughout its life span. This video game is still played by almost everyone and if you have a friend or family member who can’t get enough of it, it might be the right time to send them some awesome Tetris gifts. Classic games are so nostalgic. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to gift though, because we’ve got you covered in this gift guide article about gifts for Tetris lovers. Let’s get started!

Part 1 – Games and Puzzles

Tiny Arcade Tetris

Let’s face it. We are all attracted to tiny versions of anything. Gladly, Tiny Arcade has added Tetris to its line up of tiny arcade machines. And you won’t have enough of them. Its screen size is only 1.5 inches with a cabinet size of 3.75 x 1.75 x 1.75. In this minuscule size, you’ll be surprised to know that the manufacturers have included basically everything you can expect from a full-sized Tetris game: the complete classic game play, full color, high-resolution and back lit screen, speaker, joystick, and a control panel. Talking about its power source, it runs well on 3 AAA batteries. And as a matter of fact these batteries last long, considering the low power consumption of the machine. I’m sure whoever you gift it to will never take his or her hands off of it.

Basic Fun Arcade Classics – Tetris Edition

Another Tiny Tetris arcade, the Basic Fun Arcade Classics – Tetris is a little bigger than the previous one we talked about. However, bigger is not always better, mind you. There are some things to look for before buying this product. A fast recap of specs tells us that it has great graphics for a small screen, clear, audible and nostalgic music, and is powered by 3 AA batteries. One thing that stands out with this one is that its on/off and volume control buttons are to the front, flanked by speakers. Also, this game itself is way more retro than the other choices. While some customers are happy with purchasing this one, a few think otherwise. But no matter the shortcomings (it is the cheapest arcade game on this list afterall), you’ll have fun for sure.

Micro Arcade Tetris

If you think tiny arcades won’t work as a your awesome gift for Tetris lovers, we’ve instead got this Micro Arcade Tetris game. It is small, fits easily in your pocket and wallet, and charges like a phone – Goodbye all those pesky 3 AA batteries. The size of the product is 3.25 x 2 x 3.75 of an inch. At the same size of a credit card, it’s amazing how a gadget of this size could let you have gaming experience of a full-size arcade game. Thank the genius behind it. On top of that, customers cannot stop talking about its crystal clear display with bright colors. Of course, this is an official licensed Tetris product. Just be careful though, as the rotation buttons are swapped from the classic Gameboy version.

Tetris Brainteaser 3d Puzzle Cube

Here’s another idea which is a great gift for kids. For some children, tiny arcades and electronics might not be the right choice. As an alternative to them, this Tetris Brainteaser 3D Puzzle Cube is a harmless puzzle ready to engage your kids or students and keep them away from their phones. Truly a masterpiece, the pieces of this puzzle are made with a sturdy hard plastic. This one really is a brainteaser. Some older teenagers even find it a little intimidating to solve, but once they get down to it, there’s no stopping them. Besides kids, you could even gift it to adults. After all, a little nostalgia on their birthday could make it more special. This puzzle has 68 possible solutions too. So, watch out! You might have a harder puzzle than you thought!

Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle

This gift is for jigsaw puzzle fans, the Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle stays true to its promise of keeping you hooked throughout lazy evenings. Gamers especially will find this product enjoyable because it often takes days instead of hours to complete. Its more than just a little challenge. The pieces themselves are also of high quality and will last a long time. However, one look at these pieces (and the art design) clearly shows how perplexing this puzzle is. As to why this puzzle is so challenging, thank its 500 colorful pieces and interesting design. This makes it a real treat to the eyes – and another of the best gifts for Tetris lovers and fans.

Part 2 – Tetris Around the House

7 Piece Tetris 3d Lamp

We don’t have to play the game to honor it. Thanks to Bitopbi, there are gifts for Tetris players out there that can be used around house and office alike. Take this 7 Piece Tetris 3D Lamp as an example. It looks great, works great, and gives you plenty of reasons to use it as your desk or night lamp. Here’s how it works: You connect the base piece with the light source and then stack the pieces together in any shape or formation you want. Once connected, the lamp turns on. Yes, it’s that simple. The dimension of each block is about 1.6/inch (thickness) weighing 1.3 lbs. This means you can easily dismantle it and place it in any nook anywhere around your house or table. It will surely brighten anyone’s day.

Paladone Tetris Magnets

Gift this product to your significant other and they will love it. Paladone Tetris Magnets make great gifts for Tetris lovers of all ages. For some, it’s better than any game, any puzzle, or toy. Because he or she can touch the pieces, arrange them as they like, it’s always fun to accentuate and decorate their space. Be it their fridges, lockers, whiteboards, cars, or anywhere else magnets can go. The colors and pieces are vibrant, which will surely instill plenty of nostalgia. This set comes with 49 tetromino shaped blocks: seven pieces for each of the seven designs. There are enough pieces to to let you build them into any shape. Squares, hearts, and even skulls are possible here. Possibly a pro or a con, know that these magnets are a little on the smaller size, so they won’t take up too much space.

Tetris Heat Changing Cermaic Coffee Mug

Tetris lovers love geeky and non-geeky gifts. What better gift could you get him or her than this Tetris Heat Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug? As the name implies, this mug is heat activated. This means as soon as you pour hot liquid in it, Tetris blocks will appear right before your eyes. Unlike any product out there, the most striking feature of this one is that it shows true colors of the blocks. As the mug heats up, it even shows scores, and levels. How cool is that? This mug is a great conversation starter in a coffee shop or around the office. Talking about the material of the cup, it is ceramic and will last a long time. Just be careful – the artwork is a little fragile. And the mug itself is not dish washer safe. But it still makes an awesome gift for any Tetris lover.

Tetris 18oz Water Bottle

After the cup, we present to you this Tetris 18 oz Water Bottle. Whoever you are going to gift this bottle to will likely always use it, and therefore, remember you. This is something inevitable with reusable gifts. The water bottle has a catchy Tetris inspired design and is high quality. It is super safe to use because it is BPA (bisphenol A) free. BPA is an unhealthy chemical (used in some other products!) and it disrupts the functions of our cells. The build quality of the bottle is also up to industry standard, as its made from durable Eastman Tritan plastic. This double walled water helps resist condensation, and, even boasts a spill proof lid with a straw. This water bottle is even dishwasher safe – making it one of the most convenient gifts for Tetris lovers.

Tetris 2-Piece Glass Set

If the coffee mug or water bottle won’t work for you, this Tetris 2-piece glass set could be your best purchase for your significant other. This pair glass set exudes quality and vibrant colors. A real stand out set. Both glasses are Tetris themed, but each have a slightly different Tetris design. They make perfect gifts for Tetris loving spouses, friends, or co-workers. While these 16 ounce glasses are completely usable and safe to drink from, some people may prefer to leave these inside of the open-window gift box. This makes the glass set a flexible, thoughtful, yet mature gift for Tetris lovers of any age.

Tetris Lovers Unite

Tetris fans should rejoice. There are tons of great options out there. We hope that you found something interesting on this list. Be it an interactive toy or game, or something decorative around the house, office or kitchen. Surely you found some really cool gifts for Tetris lovers and fans. Until next time, happy gifting!

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